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January 24, 2009
Welcome to My Blog and My Website

Welcome to my blog and my website. Before you ask "why this website and blog?", let me tell you the reason.

What Came First — Egg or Chicken?

That may be difficult to answer. However, if you ask Banta Singh, he would definitely have a firm answer! Anyway, in my case, the website came first and then came the blog. I decided to develop this website to gain experience in web programming. This website is based on the Prado PHP framework that I started learning sometime ago. Now that the website is there I need to put some stuff, and thus I got an idea of putting my blog on the website. I will write my views on all sorts of topics, such as books, finance, religion, family, relations, government, etc. If you want to comment on my blogs, click the View/Add Comments link at the bottom of the page. And, of course, if you want to write your blog on this website, you would also get a chance — just send me an Email by clicking the Contact Me link located at the top and bottom of the page. Of course, you may use the Contact Me link to send your comments, feedback and suggestions about this website.


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