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January 11, 2014
Deep Freeze

As if the freezing rain of Dec 2013 was not enough, the weather God sent us another gift in the first week of the New Year—the extreme cold spell, officially known as polar vortex. This caused the ambient temperature to dip to as low as -25 degrees Celsius in the Toronto region. And, if the high speed winds are factored in, the temperature felt in the range of -35 to -41 degrees Celsius. On Jan 7th 2014, my car showed the outside temperature of -23 degrees Celsius. While I did feel cold, at least it had no effect on the car; thanks to the advancement in the automobile engineering during the last decade.

Temperature -23

Fortunately, the cold spell was short lived and today (Jan 11) the temperature is back in the normal range, close to the freezing mark.

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