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September 30, 2013
Walkway: Before and After

Since last year, we have been planning to upgrade 30 years old walkway made of concrete slabs with paving stones. At last, the walkway got a facelift a few days ago. Before I provide more details, have a look at the before and after pictures.

Walkway Before Renovation

Walkway Before Renovation

Walkway Before Renovation

Walkway After Renovation

I decided to do this job my self instead of getting it done by a contractor. Somehow, I got a feeling that it won’t be too difficult. I viewed a couple of YouTube videos to acquire the know-how, calculated the material required to do the job and one fine day, visited a landscape company with my wife and ordered the material. After two days, when the material was delivered, it filled half the driveway which gave a clear message that the job is going to be very tough. Anyways, it was not possible to go back. Well, I took a day off on a Friday and started the task. By the end of the day, I was able to remove the slabs and dig the area to the required depth. Next day, I rented a plate compactor, which is small petrol powered machine to compact the ground and gravel. I used the machine to compact the ground and then put about 3 inches of gravel and compacted it again. After putting a one inch thick layer of sand, it was time to lay the paving stones in the required pattern. Then the stones were compacted again with the help of the plate compactor. By the time the job was over, most people had already gone to the bed, and I was dead tired to sleep.

I am satisfied with outcome and with my decision to do the job, though my wife feels that it was not a good idea and I should never do it again. A contractor migh have done the job for nearly the same anount I spent on the project, but I would not have learnt what this project has tought me.

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