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August 19, 2013
Seasons of a Street

When I go to my office in the morning, just before reaching my office, I switch from main roads to residential streets for about 2.5 KMs. Though these streets have the speed limit of 40 KMPS as against 60 KMPH on the main roads, it takes almost the same time to cover the distance, as there is no traffic on the residential streets. Besides, while driving slowly, I can enjoy the beauty of the front-lawn of the houses. I have travelled the same streets for almost 10 years and have witnessed how a street changes from one season to another.

After a light snowfall on the night of Feb 27th, 2013, though the streets were covered in slushy snow, the trees looked beautiful, and compelled me to stop for a moment and capture the beauty in my phone camera. (It was a smart decision to buy a smart phone a few months ago!)

Street Feb 2013

Later, as the winter season progressed toward spring, I kept clicking the same street at regular interval. This is how the street looked in mid August.

Street Aug 2013

To view the three seasons of the street, click this link. I will add pictures of the street, how it looks during the fall season, later.

Update: I have added the Fall season pictures to the album. Here is the view of the street in mid October 2013.

Street Oct 2013

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