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August 10, 2013
Shri Ram Sharnam Picnic at Kelso Lake Conservation Area

Last month, our mandir (temple) picnic was held at Kelso Lake Conservation Area, located just outside the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Initially, our group was planning to go to Kingston for the picnic, however, the idea was dropped as it involved over eight hours of travelling. Only one picnic area with a small shed was available at Kelso, so we had to book and accept it.

People were very excited to go to the picnic and started arriving around 10 am and by noon, almost everyone had arrived. It was cloudy since morning, and as soon as the Village of India van arrived with lunch, the rain started and soon turned into downpour. But, no one minded the rain, instead enjoyed it and even the antakshri started. The rain stopped after some time but then returned back couple of time for few minutes. As soon as the rain stopped, we would move out of the small shed and cook food on BBQ and play games; the most interesting being the cricket match. People enjoyed the picnic so much that no one felt the need to visit the lake! We had an interesting round of tambola in the evening. While I left the picnic at 7.30 pm, many were still enjoying it and stayed there until 9 pm. Here is a three and half minutes video of the picnic.

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